White Collar

Riverside White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

What is “White Collar Crime?”

According to the FBI’s website: Lying, Cheating, and Stealing.

That’s white-collar crime in a nutshell. The term—reportedly coined in 1939—is now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.

For 12-years, Riverside criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey Williams has been practicing law in the state and federal criminal justice systems, investigating, defending, and resolving all manner of criminal cases. Jeffrey Williams represents individuals and businesses throughout California who find themselves being investigated or charged with crimes by state or federal agencies for crimes commonly referred to as “white collar crimes.”

If you find yourself under investigation by a governmental agency it can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, like death and taxes, once the government decides that a person or business has done something wrong, your world as you know it will radically change. What can you as an individual possible do to change the “mind” of a government official or agency? How can a lone individual possibly defend oneself from an opponent with unlimited and overwhelming power? It simply isn’t possible. You should get some immediate legal help. An experienced attorney can use the power of the law, power of the press, power of public opinion and a variety of tools to counter the state’s enormous power. The sooner you understand that the criminal justice system is a playing field where the individual without legal representation is powerless; the consequences enormous; and any mistakes you make permanent and devastating — the better your outcome will be.

With the growth of government and expansion of the government’s police and legal powers (post 9/11), it is more and more common for people and businesses to find themselves in official contact with powerful government agencies who might be investigating you as a witness or a defendant to a crime that may not have been a crime a decade ago or even last year.

It is not uncommon that the government’s suspicions or conclusions of their potential suspect is partially or completely wrong. The legal system has a couple versions of wrong: wrong about the facts or about the law. No matter which, the government is NOT losing sleep, is not missing meals, is not developing a bleeding ulcer, is not totally stressing out – you are! Correcting their take on the facts or convincing them they are applying the law incorrectly will almost always require the skills of an experienced and competent attorney. Without legal representation, most governmental agencies will never give you the time of day, or take-seriously your evidence to the contrary.

Defenses to Governmental Charges

Jeffrey Williams, an experienced white collar criminal lawyer, will look for any opportunity to seek a complete dismissal of an investigation or dropping of all charges. Oftentimes, the government lacks compelling evidence, and once challenged on the evidence, will sometimes agree and decide to terminate their investigation and drop charges. In many other cases where the government has solid evidence of wrongdoing, often they are investigating or charging the wrong person or business and it takes a persistent attorney to show them the errors in their logic. Finally, if you or you company has made some mistakes or used bad judgment and the government has solid evidence, there may be no alternative but to a jury trial. Jeffrey Williams has 12-years of personal experience and successes in front of juries and judges to make sure you get the best possible outcome for that case that the government insists on prosecuting.