Identity Theft

Charged with Identity Theft in Riverside?

Identity Theft in California is the one of the fastest growing crimes. If you have been accused or charged with committing identity theft, call an experienced Riverside criminal attorney right now. Call one of the most respected criminal defenders in Riverside: Jeffrey Williams years of personal real world experience at your disposal. This is no time to trust your future to an inexperienced attorney. Identity Theft charges are extremely serious and prosecutors take pride in their convictions.

Many people make foolish decisions as some point in their life. Some think that Identity Theft is a fast way to pay some bills and that the person whose identity they are using won’t really be harmed once that person proves to the credit reporting bureaus, the bank, the store, or the online store, such as Amazon, that they did not get the money or property in question and the charges will be reversed. If you are wrongly accused or dead-bang guilty of the deed, Jeffrey Williams believes that everyone, innocent or guilty, is entitled to aggressive legal representation. And, no, it does not matter if you are fighting Federal charges or State charges, Mr. Williams can defend you for the best possible outcome.

Identity theft offenses are considered “Wobblers,” and they may be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the unique circumstances of the case