Failure To Register

Riverside Failure to Register Lawyer

Failure to register as a sexual offender or sexual predator carries serious consequences in California. California law requires that everyone who is required to register as a sex offender must update their information each year within 5-days of their birthday or within 5-days of a change of address. If you are under mandatory sex offender registration for a prior sex crime conviction and you fail to register in California, you are violating your probation, which as you know can be a BIG DEAL.

The penalties for failing to register, if you are convicted, are up to 1-year in a county jail if your prior sex crime conviction was a misdemeanor or 16-months to 3-years in state prison if your prior sex crime was a felony.

Falsely Accused of Not Registering as a Sex Offender?

Registering as a sex offender, while required as a condition of your ongoing probation subjects you to embarrassment, possible ridicule, and significant difficulties in securing work and housing, so it is understandable why you might put it off and even forget to follow through on this necessary requirement.

It is also possible that you tried to register, or that you did not knowingly fail to register, or that you were falsely accused of failing to register when you actually did. It may have been an honest mistake or miscommunication that led to your failure to register as a sex offender. Contact our office immediately, and you can find out exactly what you can do to fight any accusations or charges of failing to register. Moreover, we can advise you on how to register and can help you keep your registration current so no more legal issues complicate your life in the future.