Riverside Criminal Fraud Attorney

Charged with Fraud in Riverside?

Fraudulent - counterfeit US Visas & Passports

Criminal Fraud is a crime that carries expensive fines and harsh jail sentences. Should you be convicted of fraud, your resultant criminal record will be a huge problem for your current employment as well as future employment opportunities. Many employers will overlook a DUI or a mistake in one’s youth, but fraud is one of those crimes (crimes of moral turpitude) that virtually all employers will shy away from.

A fraud conviction would also make it impossible to be licensed for many trades and professions including any contractor trades, hair dresser, beautician, doctor, lawyer, CPA, real estate agent or broker – virtually any occupation requiring a state license. If you or a loved-one has been charged with fraud in the greater Riverside area, you need to consult with and retain a criminal defense attorney. Hiring the right attorney will greatly improve your chances for complete dismissal or reduction of the charges. You need an attorney with experience in criminal fraud defense with a proven record of success.

In criminal law, the definition of “fraud” is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual or business. What are the common crimes that migh be considered and then charged as fraud?

  • Advance-fee fraud
  • Bait and switch
  • Bank fraud to obtain money, assets, or other property from a financial institution
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Benefit fraud, committing fraud to get government benefits
  • Counterfeiting of currency, documents or valuable goods
  • Charlatanism
  • Confidence tricks such as the 419 fraud and Spanish Prisoner
  • Creation of false companies or “long firms”
  • Embezzlement, taking money one has been entrusted with on behalf of another
  • False advertising
  • False billing
  • False insurance claims
  • Forgery of documents or signatures
  • Franchise fraud where the real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product or service, but by the sale of new franchise licenses
  • Fraud upon the court
  • Health fraud, for example selling of products known not to be effective, such as quack medicines
  • Identity theft
  • Impersonation
  • Impostery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Investment frauds, such as Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes
  • Marriage fraud to obtain immigration rights without entitlement
  • Moving scam
  • Religious fraud
  • Rigged gambling games such as the shell game
  • Securities frauds such as pump and dump
  • Tax fraud, not reporting revenue or illegally avoiding taxes

Don’t Talk to Police – Consult an Attorney Right Away

It is vitally important that you not talk about your fraud case with police, investigators, family, best friends – ANYONE – until you have retained an attorney to represent you. If you volunteer to speak with the police you are likely to say something that will only bolster the state’s case, but will then “be used against you” – just like the Miranda Warning says! If you speak to family or friends about your charges, the prosecutor can call them as witnesses and compel them under threat of a serious Perjury Charge to testify against you! If they don’t they can find themselves behind bars. It is simply wise to keep your mouth shut and have your attorney speak for you. Moreover, if you retain an experienced criminal law attorney, he or she can work to reduce your bail, seek to have bail waived, attempt to get the charges dismissed or significantly reduced and work for you every step of the way.