Weapons Charges

Riverside Firearms and Weapons Charges Attorney

California has some of the harshest Firearms and Weapons laws in the country. Moreover, many weapons are wholly illegal in the state. If you have been accused of any type of weapon crime you will need to get some candid advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

California weapons offenses carry very serious criminal consequences. The penalties and punishments vary depending upon the circumstances surrounding the allegations against you. Circumstances revolving around firearms for instance:

  • The type of firearm involved (pistol, rifle, registered, legal, stolen, etc.)
  • What the weapon was used for
  • If the firearm was loaded
  • If the firearm was concealed
  • If the firearm was connected to any drug use, drug sale or related drug charge

Charges can be filed as either a misdemeanor and felony. In California, most weapons offenses are charged as felonies. With a lawyer at your side, illegal possession of weapons can almost always be negotiated down to a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor or felony the penalties may include one or more of the following:

» Jail sentences up to 1-year
» Prison sentence 1-Year and up
» Significant fines
» Court Ordered Probation
» Discharge from military
» Forced surrender of all firearms
» Prohibition against owning any firearms – often for life
» Loss of current employment – loss of future job opportunities

Common Weapon Violations in California

The most common weapons violations in California are:

» Loaded firearm
» Unlawful sale
» Unlawful discharge
» Concealed firearm on person
» Concealed firearm in vehicle
» Felons in possession of a firearm
» Gun enhancements
» Illegal sales of firearms
» Illegal weapons possession (billy clubs, brass knuckles, switchblade knives, etc.)
» California Illegal Assault weapons possession (AK47, UZI, AR15, etc.)
» Federal Illegal weapons possession (machine guns, silencers, etc.)
» Illegal transportation of weapons
» Possession in commission of drug offense
» Possession of a firearm near schools
» Possession of a loaded firearm
» Armed robbery
» Assault with a deadly weapon
» Brandishing (guns, knives, etc.)
» Gang-related weapons offenses
» Firearms trafficking
» Minor in possession of a gun

One of the most common occurence in California is a law-abiding citizen simple transporting a gun from one place to another – often in route to a firing range and then finding themselves arrested following a simple traffic stop. California is a very unfriendly state when it comes to gun owners.

If you have been arrested for another crime — such as a drug crime, assault or armed robbery — and the police allege that you used a weapon to commit or facilitate the crime, you could find yourself facing much more serious penalties than if no weapon were involved.

Jeffrey Williams has 12-years of courtroom experience and he and his associates are experienced in defending clients against firearm and weapons charges. We intimately understand California and Federal weapons laws, and we know how to handle all aspects of criminal courtroom procedure, including discovery, pretrial motions, plea deal negotiations, judge and jury trials. We have earned many favorable verdicts for our clients and have an outstanding record getting our clients charges dismissed or significantly reduced.