Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud Charges in Riverside

The investigation, suspicion or actual charges of credit card fraud can put your finances and your personal freedom at risk. It usually starts with a phone call to you from a pleasant sounding individual who will introduce him or herself as a detective from the local police or sheriff’s department. They will share with you that there is some allegation and they just want to get you to make a statement over the phone or maybe drop by their office to do so in person.

They may suggest that if they considered these charges “serious” that they’d be at your door – implying or telling you that they “figure theses accusations are probably nothing to worry about…” they just want to do what is minimally necessary to “put this to bed” and move on to a real crime… Often the theme of the call is that this is polite courtesy call to “clear up” what is likely a “misunderstanding.” Guess what? If the law enforcement official didn’t think this serious there would be no inquiry at all. You ARE a suspect and the call is likely being recorded and the phone interview gives the detective some additional lattitude than an in-person visit might preclude. You ARE a SUSPECT and this is potentially SERIOUS.

Credit Card Fraud and Business Owners

If you are a business owner under investigation, informally accused or actually charged with credit card fraud in relation to your business activities, you and your business are at maximum risk. Besides the criminal charges you are facing, credit card fraud charges ads a level of seriousness, penalties and punishment if not checked at once. It is critically important to have a Riverside credit card fraud lawyer on your side from the beginning. On the practical side, if you are shut down from accepting credit cards during the investigation, that removes a business necessity that you depend on. Not even PayPal will touch you and they are generally pretty generous in working with new businesses, entrepreneurs and sometimes “iffy” accounts.

Riverside Credit Card Fraud Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeffrey Williams has been handling white collar criminal defense cases for more than 12-years. Mr. Williams represents clients throughout Riverside County and the Inland Empire.

Types of Credit Card Fraud Charges in Riverside County

Unfortunately, credit card fraud charges are typically bolstered by other criminal charges. If the charge involves fraud using the phone or mail, you will likely be charged with wire or mail fraud as well. Credit card fraud charges almost always “ramp-up” to more significant, serious felony charges with even more harsh and more punitive criminal penalties.

Examples of credit card related crimes and credit card fraud include:

  • Purchasing items with a found or stolen credit card
  • Internet credit card fraud
  • Selling found, stolen or otherwise illegally obtained credit cards
  • Counterfeiting credit cards
  • Using capture devices on ATMs or gas pumps to get encoded data
  • Selling merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards
  • Ordering and staking out credit card holder’s home or business to intercept merchandise

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud Conviction in California

A credit card fraud conviction can result in a sentence of up to 20-years in state or federal prison, depending on the companion charges and circumstances. If you are serious about defending yourself and staying out of jail or minimizing the penalties you are facing, criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey Williams is here to offer legal counsel and experienced defense representation. Mr. Williams has more that 12-years of experience handing criminal defense cases involving credit card fraud and other white collar crimes.

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