Riverside Rape Defense Lawyer

Rape is a violent and deplorable crime. The very accusation of rape is sometimes enough to have your family, friends and employer turn on you. Even those individuals who are unequivocally acquitted of rape charges can have their personal reputation ruined forever. In fact, an accusation of rape or sexual abuse has implications that are simply different than accusations of most other crimes. In addition to prison sentencing, parole, and mandatory sex offender registration for LIFE, there is a long-lasting social stigma attached to a charge of rape.

Rape Charges are Uniquely Different Than other Criminal Charges

Because rape is so emotionally stigmatized in our society, there are unfair consequences facing the accused and his or her defense attorney. This stigma often means that law enforcement, prosecutors and the public do not always treat such charges impartially. In many sex-crime cases, “the court of public opinion” often judges and prosecutes the accused without seeing nor hearing the facts or evidence. Moreover, if the accused is a man, assumptions are often made based solely on his gender and the perception of one party being physically more powerful than the other. These attitudes and assumptions can poison the fairness of many investigations and prosecutions from the start – certainly long before any evidence can be sorted out in a court of law. If you or a loved-one has been accused or charged with rape it is imperative that you consult and hire a skilled criminal defense attorney who can guide and re-focus the police, the prosecutor, and if a high-visibility case – help the public see that there are two sides to the story and focus on the facts.

Rape Charges Can Be Difficult to Prosecute

Rape and sexual assault is seldom witnessed by anyone other than two parties: the accuser and the accused. Because of this risk of conviction of an innocent person is dramatically higher but the work of the prosecutor can be uphill if the accused has skilled and competent legal help.

In cases of rape and sexual assault, police investigators often rely on forensic evidence such as blood, hair and fibers, and DNA samples. Cases based heavily of such evidence present challenges for both the prosecution and the defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands and points out when authorities have mishandled DNA evidence, or had chain of custody issues, contaminated evidence, etc. Additionally, there are usually opportunities to discredit the testimony of the accuser, as well as other unreliable witness testimony, and point out all instances of faulty police work. A good defense attorney can make all the difference in obtaining the best possible outcome – even when charged with such a serious and oft-stigmatized charge as rape or sexual assault.