Cocaine Charges

Defending Cocaine Charges in Riverside

Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug by the criminal justice system in California putting it in the same classification as heroin, morphine, methamphetamine and crack. While a conviction for even a small quantity of cocaine is a felony, the judge has the flexibility at sentencing to choose jail for up to one year in jail or alternative sentencing that would put you on probation that includes a drug rehabilitation program up to one year.

When to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

It costs you nothing to bounce your situation off of a professional who has 12-years experience defending people accused or charged on drug charges. Need more encouragement? See where you fall on the following progression of a typical drug case. If you are anywhere on this list we should have already talked:

  • You or a loved-one is being investigated
  • You are about to be questioned by local police, state, DEA, ICE, etc.
  • You are under arrest
  • You are facing arraignment
  • You are about to be in trial: by a judge or by a jury
  • You are already convicted
  • You are awaiting sentencing
  • You want to appeal

I’ll Defend Myself – This is no Big Deal!

If you are considering walking into court to defend yourself in a cocaine case, you are making a very foolish decision – so foolish that the judge will most likely insist that you sign a waiver that you really know what you are doing and will “sign off” as insisting on defending yourself. Sure, you are totally up-to-speed with certain facts and the events leading up to your arrest, but how does that make you an expert in criminal law and courtroom procedure? There are very specific rules for filing notices, filing motions, meeting key case deadlines, following technical and procedural rules, requesting necessary information and more. Never mind the behind-the-scenes maneuvers that any well-connected lawyer can help you with as they work within the judicial system privately on your behalf.

If you desire any outcome other than falling on the sword and accepting the court’s maximum penalties and punishment, you owe it to yourself to call a criminal defense attorney and get a reality check and professional assessment of your true situation. It’s not embarrassing – not when talking with a seasoned criminal attorney. It need not be stressful. Where you’re at right now – all alone without someone to shoulder your burden – has got to be the totally “stressful!” Stop fretting a simple phone call. We’ve heard it all. We realize that eventually everyone gets in trouble, even fellow lawyers. So, when you are facing the machine — the big mean machine – sometimes called “the criminal justice system,” remember there is a lot of system and very little justice. Do yourself a favor and make the call.

We provide criminal defense representation in drug crime cases in Riverside County California in both state and federal courts. There is always hope when you have a skilled lawyer on your side. Sure, you may have been arrested, but that is a long way from being convicted. There are effective defense strategies against drug crime charges. As always, the ONE, single BEST thing you can do if you are being investigated or charged with a drug offense is to exercise your Constitutional Right to REMAIN SILENT unless your defense attorney is present. No matter how “nice” the investigator might seem; no matter how much you want to “clear this mess up,” remember this advice: any statement you make, any explanation you might offer, anything at all you say “CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.”

If you or a member of your family is facing drug charges, you must be as proactive as possible. You need to take control of your case and the only way to do so is to develop an effective criminal defense plan of action. You need and should find the representation from an experienced, tenacious Riverside drug crimes lawyer.

The penalties associated with even minor drug crimes are stiff and significant. If you have been charged with multiple charges, perhaps including Drug Trafficking or other serious add-on charges, you are looking at punishment that can include a very long period of time in prison.