Violent Crimes

Riverside Violent Crimes Lawyers

Violent crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses that a person may face under the state and federal criminal court systems. When a person is being investigated, accused, or has actually been arrested for a violent crime they will need to hire a violent crimes attorney immediately. Riverside Criminal Defense attorney Jeffery Williams is seasoned, experienced in the criminal justice systems and provides his clients excellent defense skills. If you are facing a year in county jail, or a lifetime behind bars, or even the death penalty – Attorney Williams will provide outstanding legal representation and service.

Criminal Charges require a Defense Attorney Involved as Soon as Possible

It is critically important if you or a loved one is in serious trouble, that we begin our own investigation into the charges from the very start. This will allow us to collect evidence, even negotiate with law enforcement before charges are taken to the prosecutors for filing. By starting at once, we may be able to have charges dropped completely and if not we have a 90% success rate of getting clients’s charges reduced and lessened. If we can head this off without formal charges, or without ending up in court far better. Do matter what the charges or how far along they are, a skilled Riverside violent crimes lawyer will make it his number one goal to provide you with the most successful outcome possible for your violent crimes case.

Violent Crimes Attorney in Riverside, California

Please contact us immediately to learn more about protecting your constitutional rights, if you are currently being investigated, if you have been formally charged, or if you have been arrested for any type of violent crime including:

Criminal Defense for Major Felony Crimes

A conviction for a violent crimes offense can result in some of the stiffest penalties under state and federal law. It is imminent that you protect your rights and future today in the effort to avoid or minimize the following penalties: jail or prison sentence, fines, victim restitution, community service, driver’s license suspension or revocation, probation, parole and a permanent mark on your criminal record. In addition, if a person is being charged with a felony violent crimes offense they can receive a “strike” under California’s “Three Strikes Law” which may lead to enhanced penalties if convicted.

Please contact Riverside violent crimes lawyer Jeffrey Williams to begin the steps towards protecting your future.