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Welcome Counselor,

This site is looking for a HOME
a New Master…

This Law Practice Website is priced at an affordable $199.00/month lease
– FULLY BRANDED to you and your practice, includes hosting, web maintenance and SEO updating (12 months minimum)

First Come, First Serve – There is only this ONE Riverside Criminal Law Site. This site was initially setup for two purposes: (1) to “season” the very cool domain name, and (2) have a live website venue to test our criminal law content and criminal law SEO meta tags. Therefore, the first attorney who clicks HERE and takes the site for an incredible $199.00 lease gets the site. Within 48 hours I will personally begin to detail the site for that attorney / law practice:

  • Brand the site for you, using your name and logo etc;
  • Add custom photo-shop’ed pictures of your office building, office interior;
  • Add your picture and any staff photos you may choose;
  • Recreate the firm profile, the attorney profile(s), contact page and;
  • Any other (reasonable) changes you have.

If you have the pictures and content handy I can have this website “dialed-in” for your in 2-days. If you need some help with pictures or even video for your new site I can help you with that as well. Tons of examples of photos and videos that I have done are on the web that I can share with you. The branding of this site to make it ALL about you is somewhat tedious work. I estimate 13 to 16 hours to “brand the site” including specific content and time in Photo-Shop to detail your pictures, logos and what have you.

What’s the POWER in a good Domain Name?

–Everything! – If your current website is or, let’s face it – no one knows that Wilson, Feaks or Reynolds are Criminal Law Attorneys and they will not be searching for your names. Instead, if they live in Riverside, La Quinta or even Hemet, they will cast their Internet Search wider: to the County Level with a search like “Riverside Criminal Attorneys” or “Riverside Criminal Lawyers“:

QUIZ: What’s the common denominator of these 3 search engine searches? (answer below image)

What's the common denominator

  1. Barry “Bob” Bernstein spends lots of money on paid ads ($600+ per day). He lives in Santa Monica and is only looking for big money, big felony cases in Riverside.
  2. This website is PAGE ONE organically (FREE) on BING and Yahoo right below Mr. Bernstein’s PAID Ads, and given its increasing ranking will likely climb to PAGE ONE Google when connected to a real attorney’s Google+ page (we take care of those details too) – scroll to bottom for screenshots.

Looking into the BIG GOOGLE DATABASE – the Google Search Database – it is interesting to note that every month the following is searched for:

“Riverside Criminal Attorneys” =

When your Law Practice’s website Domain Name is in-line with the searcher’s query your new website has a HUGE ADVANTAGE. This site is already organically-found for FREE on several Page One searches on Bing and Yahoo, and with a law firm attached to the site, should do well on Google. [Google now expects sites to be attached to a Google+ account that is verified to the law practice.]

Worth $5,000 – just for the DOMAIN URL and the 1,900 Searches…

But having a GREAT domain name does nothing without a good website on it. The search engines have gotten sophisticated and they insist on lots of content and serious quality of content.

Unlike so many crappy legal sites with 3-6 pages, this Riverside Criminal Law Website is a powerhouse having 65 PAGES of custom-written, unique criminal law content which was written to be BOTH Viewer-friendly and Google-friendly. Most lawyers just cannot find the time to write their own content. You might have to take a 2-week vacation if you were to attempt to write 70-pages of your own content. I know because it literally took me more than a month to create this site. So instead use mine. You are welcome to edit the content to reflect your law practice’s “tone and tenor. Add your own pages! Build on the 65 pages. That’s the power of a CMS (Content Management System) website. You can add, delete, change any of the content you want without the need to hire a website programmer. Is there someone on your staff who has suggested that you post interesting articles to get you “out there” in the public eye? This site has a BLOG area just for that. Publishing articles DOES work if you want to go there – but the site will do just fine without if you are too busy…

Starting this last weekend of 2013 I am sending out a dozen emails per day…

If you’ve looked this site over and really want to start out 2014 with a cool site, remember it is first come, first serve… If that is you, consider dragging out a credit card if it is 3 am and you don’t want to wish you had. I am sending out a dozen emails a day to the 300+ Criminal Law Attorneys I’m aware of in Riverside County – and those wanting a satellite office to take advantage of Riverside.

Does your website paint you as a Jack of All Trades – Expert in None?

My research shows that a significant number of current Riverside criminal lawyers have a “Dead” or expired site, a site they tried to build themselves (many never finished – many less-than-professional looking), or their law practice website is very broad and Criminal Law is shared with Family Law or Bankruptcy or Personal Injury ALL on the same website. That makes some visitors feel as if you are a “jack of all trades,” but expert in none.

So, you’ve invested $50,000 over 48 months in a Scorpion or other pricey site?

Well, when that lease runs out, you can get just as terrific a website AND lease a new BMW 740i for that new associate you’re wooing! BTW, who says lawyers can only have ONE website? Many of my law clients have have a dozen sites. The Internet is a ripe and plentiful field to be harvested, but it takes a multi-pronged approach to discover what works best for your practice and law sections. Keep your current website on your cards and stationery and use other sites to harvest organic searches, or as a landing page for a focused PPC paid ad campaign. There are clients and cases out there for the taking!

If there are a few law sections you specialize in it is best to separate them on their own websites so that your message is not watered-down or ignored because people REALLY RESPOND better to those they believe are FOCUSED in certain legal niches. Most attorney websites result in NO CLIENTS EVER CALLING… My sites work. My sites are designed to be found. My sites are focused single law section sites. My sites always seem to find a home. I can be reached from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm most days including weekends if you want to talk.

That’s it. Like I said, no “snake-oil…” Moreover, unlike $10,000 or $48,000 sites or sites that cost $1,500 per month for 48 months (Yikes!) with no assurances of where they will “show up” – this site will perform… (see below)

Want this site to go to work for you?
THIS SITE can be all about your practice in 48 Hours!

Call anytime:

–Keith Bennett

888.900.9078 – web design lab
213-984.1218 – los angeles
562.265.1218 – beach areas
714.381.9025 – orange county
562.475.4304 – FAX

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