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Law Firm Internet Marketing – Standing Out From the Crowd

As the internet becomes ever more saturated with competing law firm websites, lawyers cognizant of their shrinking or stagnant client base are looking for solutions. Our lawyer clients have come to learn the true value of having us design and build law-section specific websites to showcase their skill sets in ONLY one (sometimes two) legal specialties per website.

Attorneys who inadvertently have a “mixed-bag” – a laundry list of Practice Areas listed on their websites are perceived by potential new clients as a “handyman,” or a “Jack-of-all-trades – and Master-of -None.” If you are good a DUI, Bankruptcy and Estate Plans because of a decade in an accounting firm – how can you possibly put those three law sections on one website and expect anyone to pick up a phone to call you? Yet, such odd legal practice experience is common because of life-changing cases, past schooling or employment – but for heaven’s sake do not make the crucial mistake of designing a multi-section website showcasing a incongruent list of specialties. Save yourself – Don’t do it!

Internet Marketing should be a routine part of your Law Practice

What are you really good at? – If you have an unusual type of case that you’ve found a penchant for over the years – consider taking full-advantage of that singular skill set. The BEST Internet Marketing for an attorney is when you can get really specific. Then, to take full-advantage of your specialty, you should have a website designed and launched exploiting that specialty with a focused, niche-targeted website. We understand the importance of marketing those specialties that you are really good at – whether by design or circumstances of some past clients or cases. When you find some little specialty (toxic mold, bail motions, expungements, etc.) – you know that these cases are always a slam-dunk for you; the successful outcomes are predictable; revenue from these cases is both reliable and excellent, so why not take advantage of these unique skill sets? Requesting us to design a targeted website to address such niches is the most effective Internet Marketing an attorney can possibly do to grow your bottom line and replace ho-hum cases with cases you’d love. After all, your target audience is well defined; you are uniquely qualified to assure a new client of the best possible outcome because of your experience, and finally, the conversions from website-viewers to new-clients is truly amazing.

Participate in Internet Marketing – or BE INVISIBLE

Whether you are solo-practice, a small private law firm, a boutique-sized practice or a large powerhouse with multiple regional offices and dozens of lawyers to keep busy and in groceries, Legal Practice Internet Marketing SHOULD always be a front-burner aspect of your business. Thinking about Internet Marketing over the New Year’s holidays and then giving it a few days of your focused attention in January – but then losing your excitement and ignoring it for the next 11-months will kill all of those should-have-been clients and could-have-been cases that never found you. BUT think about it – those clients & cases found someone to take them on. Law Firm Internet Marketing is as essential as having a phone number – maybe more so – as without new clients those phones will be awfully quiet.

The Good News? – You don’t have to wear yet another hat nor hire an expensive specialist to drain away precious revenue. Nope… Law Firm Internet Marketing can be handled by competent geeks –like us– for less cost proprortionally than a law firm would have been paying out monthly a decade ago for a single Full Page Yellow Page ad! Moreover, if you give Internet Marketing as much attention as you should, the results will surpass the results of old school publications and you will come to dominate your legal specialties and your geographical service area, while trumping your legal competitors. It’s all about visibility and getting your message “FOUND.” You need to get hooked up with a team of “clever-cleavers” who do nothing but Internet Attorney Marketing.

Get In. Stay In. Be Clever. – Grow your Law Practice

With the increasing numbers of lawyers getting through law school and flooding the market, it is imperative that your law firm uses every marketing channel possible. Law Firm Internet Marketing is the best and most cost-efficient way to get your law practice found, seen and chosen by potential new clients. With an expert-designed legal website coupled with superb Search Engine Optimization techniques, your one or more websites can effectively market your law practice as well as anyone you’ve been watching dominate your particular market. Moreover, since the Internet absolutely “Levels the Playing Field,” your most powerful and wealthy legal competition can be bested by knowledge, skill and perseverance. We know! We get many solo and small practices Internet Marketing Exposure far beyond some of their most potent foes – far exceeding anyone’s initial expectations.

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Legal Practice Marketing Services

Legal Blog Creation and Article Writing

Virtually every website we design and develop has a built-in BLOG which will allow you aspiring novelists or a wordier staff member of yours to help you leverage your web presence to the highest potential SEO ranking by “Joining in the Conversation” with society. That is Google’s big push – that websites are both informative and updated regularly with articles that address current events. We can seed your new blog with a half dozen articles to give you some ideas to inspire you, and if desired, we can provide you ongoing article writing services to keep your blog fresh with a trickle of new articles each month with no effort or time pulled from your clients necessary. We offer blog-writing service at very little cost as it is in our mutual interest to propel your website to the highers possible Search Engine Rankings over the months and years.

Hispanic Legal Practice Marketing

Because we are located in Southern California, having a significant Hispanic population, we’ve been asked numerous times over the years to launch websites in both English and Spanish. If you or one of your colleagues, or even a paralegal, is a Spanish-speaker you can take advantage of the dramatic growth in the Hispanic legal needs in your area and provide needed legal services to a whole new and ever-expanding legal market segment. We have bilingual designers, coders and staff to help you produce both Hispanic website designs and Hispanic marketing so that you can service a growing new market within your existing market area.

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